Monday, October 12, 2009

Should a person be hated for what he is not responsible?

While i was sitting in landmark , i was thinking as to why do we hate a person? Then i came up with an answer that it may be  because of the person's behavior , reaction , thinking and habits. Well only these things came to my mind.Finally i came up with a matrix drawn below. May be there are more. I just wanted to generalize it. It happens with all of us almost every time because we have a general tendency of judging people knowingly or unknowingly.

But then is it that we can blame him/her for the same? Well as i got deeper into it and tried to look an answer for it, i did not find any reason to blame him/her.Reasons were several.There were different layers on  pile of which the outcome sits and  makes us like/dislike a person. I dont want to discuss the point of liking a person , rather opposite.

Let me copy an example  from Stephen Covey book.I will be discussing it from different perspective. A father with his children came and sat in a garden .Children were behaving like monsters , disturbing everyone they came along.They were howling ,  shouting and creating nuisance.And their father was sitting without any attempt to calm down his children.When Stephen's patience broke down , he finally asked children's father as to why he is not stopping them from disturbing others.That person replied that children's mother and his  beloved wife has expired  few minutes back.And that they are not able to digest it.Now , how many times do we actually try to know a person if his reaction does not come under so called  'acceptable'. We simply dislike them and move forward.I dont think anybody wants to be disliked.Even if he wants to be disliked ,may be he had his past which made him behave or think like that.

Often we people, see the tip of an iceberg and react for the same and move forward.Rightly so , we dont have time for ourselves ,how can we simply view things from others perspective?But that does not give us any right to hate or dislike  someone.I will share some more examples that will light the fact  that we should not blame people for what they are not responsible.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catch in our wishes and thoughts

There is a catch which i want to discuss here about our thoughts which may affect your life or lives around you(Good, bad or both).

The Secret is described as a New Age spiritual self-help book, with the basis of the claims of the "Laws of Attraction" originate through understanding the cosmos and how an individual can influence it for their own personal gain and benefit.

There are a few rules which work everywhere right from the gigantic to the atomic level of the whole universe.First,we shall start our perspective i.e. humans. Whatever desire we have with true feelings and emotions,tend to be fulfilled (At least some of them, we should agree to it at this point of time) .That is what this book tries to explain.The Universe conspires everything around you to fulfill your desire based on your commitment towards your goals ,dreams,etc...

The essence of the book Alchemist is "...there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth."

Lets not discuss Alchemist at this point of time.Now when we desire,we ask the universe to fulfill it.Some people ask to become rich , some to have knowledge , some for relationships and some for ....The list is infinite. But,since  the rule or the so called procedure is such that it will act for everyone (on all living beings),why do we forget animals and other living entities?

There is no partiality being done by the Supreme power(Kaayanaat) or soul  to any living entities.But then again it depends on the power of your thoughts , your commitment towards it. Now if you have lots of desires and commitment towards all or none,then your inner soul which is also a part of one great supreme soul, while trying to fulfill it,gets confused as to which one should be processed first in priority. Also each soul within us is connected to one supreme soul or may be each soul in living beings (visible and invisible) unit contribution to the One.All these topics can be pondered over at a later stage.So if we ask something from the Supreme Soul ,then to get it fulfilled, it creates environments,situations,incidents or even accidents.

So... Lets take an example.... If we are making khichri, we need to have rice, dal,turmeric powder,salt,ghee,etc... Of course, we need fire as fuel too, utensils and etc etc. Imagine a situation in which we don't have salt,which i would say is the most important ingredient amongst all.. So,according to it,if we are really wanting it,then maybe someone would bring it for us or likewise something that we really desire with our full heart would happen... Only thing that we need is a true desire and full commitment towards it....

.......Now here is a catch.... When we asked or desired, we did not give conditions. That is,if we give conditions, then, we no longer desire with true emotions and whole heart. And if we do not give conditions based on our desires, the environments may not be the ones that we like, incidents may not be like what we would have expected, accidents may happen, which we never wanted. But all these will happen so as to fulfill your wish and desire which you wanted always.

So, when we desire or ask, we do not think about these things. Even the Supreme soul also does not distinguish between good and bad. It just looks for the process through which it can be done.Thats how even bad people have their wishes come true, because at a higher level, there is no distinction between good and bad. It happens as actions from multiple reactions as an effect to a cause and just help wishes to be fulfilled...  Yes, the process is so complex that it considers all the factors which encompasses an individual, nature, wishes, deeds and everything surrounding him....

So we should safeguard our thoughts and desires before blaming others for any thing that happens to us.....Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome....